Aloo Poha

Aloo Poha is a Maharashtrian dish, also prepared in  other Indian states  such as OrissaMadhya PradeshGujarat etc.  It is also called Kanda Poha.  It is made of  Mota Poha or Jada Poha (flattened rice), green chilies,  chopped  onions , cumin seeds and curry leaves (called Karhi-patta).

It is high in carbohydrate and low fat instant meal. Preparation time is 10 minutes.  Calory gain 206 per serving (typically  a medium size bowl) .

The incredients required are as under- 

  • 150 Grams of Jada Poha/Mota Poha
  • 6 Chillies chopped into small pieces/Can also cut across the length of chilly
  • One small bowl of nicely choppped onion
  • Curry Leaves (5-10)
  • half tea spoon cumin seeds
  • one forth tea spoon mustard seeds (optional)
  • Ground-nut half small bowl or as per your choice
  • Turmeric powder -half tea spoon
  • Salt as per your taste

Preparation : –  

  1. Soak Jada Poha/Mota Poha is water for 2-5 minutes
  2. Remove the water completely by straining it with the strainer
  3. Keep in the refrigerator for 2 minutes
  4. In the meanwhile keep choped onion, green chillies, curry leaves, ground nut, cumin seeds ready.
  5. Take a table spoon edible oil (I prefer Sunflower oil) in the frying pan on medium heat,  put cumin seeds and groundnut in the oil and keep stirring. 
  6. Once ground nut get little brown, put green chilly, Onion, Curry leaves in the pan and stir for 1-2 minutes.
  7. Add turmeric poweder and salt as per your taste.
  8. Add Poha in the pan and keep stirring till it gets properly mixed with all the ingredients.
  9. Cover the Pan with lid for 2-3 min on seam. Put off the gas. 
  10. Delicious Poha is ready to be served.

(Disclaimer : The recipe given above is based on my  own experience. However, the reader of this receipe can make improvisation as per their needs.) 


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